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The Fashion Teller – Femme Fatale: Rissa Friller & Carilynn OHare as “PANDORA”


“PANDORA”  Rissa Friller – Carilynn OHare


MODELS: Rissa Friller (Portrait Above), Carilynn OHare (Scene Below)
PHOTOGRAPHER: Enzo Champagne (Portrait), Pam Astonia (Scene)
FASHION: Wildchild & Muse
Store LM: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Patron/84/227/30

The Ancient Roman Gods created Pandora out of clay and endowed her with many gifts including beauty and knowledge. They also bestowed in her the gift of human curiosity which led her to set forth to the world eternal sickness and evil.

Pandora, who was filled with morbid curiosity, tiptoed across the room to the beautiful ornate box. She has been warned never to open the enticing object but the burning thirst for knowledge was too strong. With trembling hands, she opened the container and out flew every kind of disease and sickness, hate and envy, and all the evil the world never knew before. She slammed the box shut but it was too late as the last of the content came out…..it was hope.

MEET ALL THE FEMME FATALES: issuu.com/fashiontellersl/docs/femmefatale

Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to:
-Eliza Wierwight for designing this amazing outfit for Pandora
-Enzo Champagne and Pam Astonia for their amazing talent in making the story come to life
-Rissa Friller & Carilynn OHare for portraying the character in a breathtakingly beautiful way

The Fashion Teller Calendar: MARCH “The Luck of the Clover”

MARCH: The Luck of the Clover

MODEL: Carilynn OHare

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

Carilynn: Champagne! Sparkling Fashion Irish

GRAB A COPY INWORLD or Request from Editorial Clarity, Natzuka Miliandrovic or Jade Spectre.
MANY THANKS TO THE MODELS, DESIGNERS and STAFF in making this happen. <3

SEE THE PICS HERE: www.flickr.com/photos/fashionteller/sets/72157628099819316/

Thank you to the beautiful Carilynn OHare for modeling March. A special thank you to Enzo Champagne- Our featured designer in this picture. Ty to Natzuka for the incredible pics.

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The Fashion Teller: Fashion Calendar 2012

The Fashion Teller: Fashion Calendar 2012 by Fashion Teller


The Fashion Teller is bringing you THE 2012 FASHION CALENDAR.

Each month is filled with beautiful models representing each month in high style and intrigue.


Grab a copy from Editorial Clarity, Natzuka Miliandrovic or Jade Spectre.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic



Angel Dessous, Bliss Couture, Champagne! Sparkling Fashion, Fellini Couture, House of Europe, People, Tres Beau and VITAMEN. Featured Poses by Body Talking with Makeup by Lovely Mi. Guest Props Designer: PATRON.


Rissa Friller, Carilynn OHare, Anna Sapphire, Wicca Merlin, BlackBarbie Bravin, Leandra Breen, Natzuka Miliandrovic, Jade Spectre, Arisia Ashmoot, Matteo Bettencourt, RicoRacer Flux, Editorial Clarity, Angelik Lavecchia, Didier Rascon, Daniele Eberhardt, Clyde Saunders, and Frolic Mills.


Our gratitude and appreciation to the models, designers and staff involved in making this happen.


Edi and Rico


Arisia is wearing Angel Dessous.

Edi and Rico are both wearing Vitamen.