Rumors Magazine: Gold Digger Contest

WillowWho Flowers

Rumor’s Magazine is pleased to announced one of the winners for our Gold Digger contest.
Her picture will be published in Rumor’s Magazine which will be coming out soon.

The rest of the winners will be announced once the magazine is published.
Thank you to everyone who entered the contest; the entries were spectacular.

GOLD DIGGER: WillowWho Flowers
Photographer: Magissa Denver

“I want to spend the rest of …your Gold with you.”


7 Vines Mila


THE Vines

MODEL: Mila Blauvelt

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Enzo Champagne & Rabia Baxton


OUTFIT: PurpleMoon – Linnda Green
Necklace: PurpleMoon – Rosali Necklace

6 Forest Gigi and Forever1 -SpringAwakeningCopy


At the call of Spring, the vines begin to grow,
Its tendril unfolds and curls around nice and slow.
The Vines surrounds the trees in a tender hug
that provides a pathway for each bug.

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“GOLD DIGGER” Public Casting

gold digger


What makes you a world class Gold Digger?

Do you have the style and sophistication to attract only the best of the best…to be lavished in gold, diamonds and furs? Show us a GOLDEN style that can attract a million dollars and you could score a spot as a model for The Fashion Teller House/Rumors Magazine as well as your casting picture published in our inaugural issue. Male or Female models can apply. Fashion Teller Models may apply as well.


1. Style a couture outfit that is mostly “GOLD”. The theme of the styling is “GOLD DIGGERS” which mean high class and sophistication where only the best will do. We want a look that can attract a million dollars and turn heads.

2. Provide a high quality picture of your styling that is worthy to be published in a magazine. The winning picture/s will be published in the inaugural issue of Rumors Magazine. Size of the pic must be 1024×1024. Keep it stylish, sophisticated and tasteful.

3. Send the picture and style card, that includes details on your outfit, photographer and model information, in a full perm note card to RicoRacer Flux and XiuLan Quan by no later than 12 noon SLT, July 12, 2014. Title the notecard: Gold Digger Casting (Your Name).

4. Provide a CAPTION for your picture such as “I don’t get into bed for less than a million dollars” “Only the best will do for me” “I am worth every inch in Gold” “Girls just wanna have funds” etc…

Or you can answer the question: What makes you a world class Gold Digger? Answer must be short and sweet.

5. By entering the contest and sending your picture, you give us the right to publish your picture in our magazine and blogs/social networks. All entries will be published at our Facebook page so feel free to like Rumors Magazine Page:

The winner/s will be notified when Rumors Magazine is published.


RicoRacer Flux
Project Manager: XiuLan Quan

Spring Awakening: THE FOREST TREES

6 Forest Forever&Giselle



MODELS: Forever Moore & Giselle Chaveau Moore

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Enzo Champagne & Pam Astonia


OUTFITS: Boudoir – Forest King and Forest Goddess

6 Forest Gigi and Forever1 -SpringAwakeningCopy


The Forest Trees grow tall as the sky, all mighty up high.

They protect the living things in the forest ground,

And provide shelter and warmth all around.

The leaves unfold and spread each glorious spring,

that makes the birds and the insects sing.

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Spring Awakening: THE ROSE

5 Rose DiamondGem



MODEL: DiamondGem Destiny

PHOTOGRAPHERS:  Enzo Champagne & Pam Astonia


OUTFIT: Boudoir – Bouquet Dress Passion Roses

JEWELRY: Finesmith – LLYSSA Necklace and Bracelet

5 Rose Scene Bright DiamondGem Destiny - Spring Awakening


Poets say that Love is a Rose, so beautiful and delicate in its pose.

The gorgeous bloom is mesmerizing while her smell is intoxicating.

But every rose has thorns in its beauty, just like Love has times of trouble in its journey.

Treat her with gentleness and patience like a loving groom,

and you will be rewarded by a delicate beautiful bloom.

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4 Sunflower FlidaisFTH – SPRING AWAKENING


MODEL: Flidais Etchegaray

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Enzo Champagne & Asia Rae


OUTFIT: PurpleMoon – New Dawn in the Desert

JEWELRY: Finesmith – Edina Necklace and Bracelet in Yellow Gold


The sunflower fields are rejoicing in the warmth of the sun.
The flowers are swaying in the wind like they’re having fun.
The huge golden blooms always put a smile in my face.
They stand tall and proud, full of sweet grace.

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4 Sunflower Scene

Let us tell you a Story in Style.


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