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“GOLD DIGGER” Public Casting

gold digger


What makes you a world class Gold Digger?

Do you have the style and sophistication to attract only the best of the best…to be lavished in gold, diamonds and furs? Show us a GOLDEN style that can attract a million dollars and you could score a spot as a model for The Fashion Teller House/Rumors Magazine as well as your casting picture published in our inaugural issue. Male or Female models can apply. Fashion Teller Models may apply as well.


1. Style a couture outfit that is mostly “GOLD”. The theme of the styling is “GOLD DIGGERS” which mean high class and sophistication where only the best will do. We want a look that can attract a million dollars and turn heads.

2. Provide a high quality picture of your styling that is worthy to be published in a magazine. The winning picture/s will be published in the inaugural issue of Rumors Magazine. Size of the pic must be 1024×1024. Keep it stylish, sophisticated and tasteful.

3. Send the picture and style card, that includes details on your outfit, photographer and model information, in a full perm note card to RicoRacer Flux and XiuLan Quan by no later than 12 noon SLT, July 12, 2014. Title the notecard: Gold Digger Casting (Your Name).

4. Provide a CAPTION for your picture such as “I don’t get into bed for less than a million dollars” “Only the best will do for me” “I am worth every inch in Gold” “Girls just wanna have funds” etc…

Or you can answer the question: What makes you a world class Gold Digger? Answer must be short and sweet.

5. By entering the contest and sending your picture, you give us the right to publish your picture in our magazine and blogs/social networks. All entries will be published at our Facebook page so feel free to like Rumors Magazine Page:

The winner/s will be notified when Rumors Magazine is published.


RicoRacer Flux
Project Manager: XiuLan Quan

DOLLHOUSE InHouse Casting Results

fashion teller doll 2- full astralia

We request the following models to be in our next project: The DOLLHOUSE.

We look forward to working with you on another awesome storybook art.

Please stay tuned for instructions and be aware that you might be restyled to fit the characters.

Thank you.

Tadeu Gartner
Winter Jefferson
Yashi Audion
Tyra Eiren
Bastien Berboral
Locuala Madruga
Tosha Bergan
Honey Bender
VeronicaLynn Parx
Chevia Johansson
Arisia Ashmoot
Giselle Chauveau Moore

Nimoe Constantine

PS: Picture above is Astralia.

FTH – SPRING AWAKENING Book Casting Results

Spring Awakening Casting- Diamondgem Destiny - FullbodyFASHION TELLER HOUSE


The Fashion Teller staff have reviewed all the castings including the entries from the new models who just joined the Fashion Teller family. We have decided to invite the following models to be in the SPRING AWAKENING book.

DiamondGem Destiny
Giselle Chaveau Moore
Forever Moore
Miele Tarantal
BloodyMistress Serenity
Spirit Llewellyn
Caesar Langer
Adonis Hansome
Nathalia Topaz
Mila Blauvelt
Flidais Etchegaray
Ylenia10 Resident
Jade Spectre
Sienna Belios
Beatrice Serendipity
Chevia Johansson

Please note that there is a good chance that we might ask you to restyle for Spring Awakening based on the designers who are sponsoring us. Style ASAP so we can get the photoshoots started and kindly not share your styling until the book comes out. As soon as you are styled and ready, send a snapshot to RicoRacer Flux and Chevia Johansson with a stylecard for review. We will then give you details on the photographer/schedule.

Thank you and LETS RAWK!!!

Picture credits: Spirit Llewellyn (Below), DiamondGem Destiny (Above)


SPRING AWAKENING Public Casting Results

SPRING Awakening -Ylenia10 body shotSPRING AWAKENING Public Casting Results

It took two days to review all the “Spring Awakening” Castings because there were so many beautiful and wonderfully creative entries. The Fashion Teller staff would like to thank everyone who casted. We apologize to all the models who didn’t make it this round but we hope to offer casting opportunities and invites again in the future. We would love to invite everyone but we have to keep The Fashion Teller House small so we can offer work for all our members. Once again, thank you for taking the time to cast. We appreciate it.

The Fashion Teller Staff are very happy to invite the following models to join us as well as welcome several new members to the family. We are very excited and we can’t wait to work with you all with the many upcoming projects planned. We will have a super busy year. <3

Flidais Etchegaray
Sienna Bellios
Ylenia10 Resident
Eleseren Brianna
Tracei Moore
Shinobu Istmal
Ronin Larocca
Nathalia Topaz
Jess MacHope
Beatrice Serendipity


The DOLLHOUSE Public Casting Results

milaThe DOLLHOUSE Public Casting Results

We thank everyone for casting to be in The FASHION TELLER HOUSE. We have received so many entries and it was very difficult to decide among the talents. The Fashion Teller Staff ended up picking five models who we feel can best represent the style and look that we want in The Fashion Teller House.

We are very honored to welcome the following models to our team.

DollHouse Styling Challenge:
Mila Blauvelt
Tadeu Gartner
Prisilla S. Avro
Winter Jefferson

Special Invite: Kynne Llewelyn:

PS: The “SPRING AWAKENING” Casting results will be out soon.

Mila Doll -MILA Blauvelt


FT DOLLHOUSE BODYSHOT - Tadeu GartnerTadeu Gartner


avroPrisilla S. Avro


Fashion Teller Dollhouse Casting WINTER JEFFERSON BODYWinter Jefferson


New Models please take a look at our member guidelines of the Fashion Teller House.

Thank you and WELCOME.

*All images used are property of the models above.




As I uncurl from winters’ upper hand,
a sense of freedom, spills on to this land.
Long shadows become shortened by its spell,
a multitude of life, awakens, from where I dwell.

Stretching, in the warmth of air, hesitating for a while,
noticing no frigidness, nor taunt, of any icy smile.
Slender and slowly slithering, bursting from my shell,
I am filled with a new life, overpowering winter’s quell.

Brown, to green, a vastness of sun streams down,
from bare to bud, shedding, my protective gown.
All around, the ground, from where I graciously spring,
this spring, awakening, all, that I am destined to bring.

Poem by Joe Coe



The FASHION TELLER HOUSE is looking for creative and imaginative models who have killer styling skills. We have created two styling styles to choose from: “SPRING AWAKENING” and “DOLLHOUSE”. You can cast for one or both styling challenges but we can only pick the top two looks from each styling theme to join The FASHION TELLER HOUSE.

For our next book, we want to capture the beauty of spring as nature awakens from the deep freeze of winter. From blooming flowers to beautiful butterflies and insects, each model must represent and capture the beauty and splendor of spring. The styling must awaken the senses and invoke the imagination.


1. Style a creative and unique look that captures “SPRING Awakening”. It can be a blooming flower or an insect as long as it represents the beauty of spring. Here are some pictures to inspire you:

2. Take 2 pictures (snapshots are fine) of your styling. One headshot and one body shot. May use photoshop but it must show your styling clearly. NO MORPH!

3. Make a notecard with title: SPRING AWAKENING PUBLIC CASTING: (Name).  Put a styling card and the pictures in the notecard and send it to RicoRacer Flux by the deadline: MARCH 1, 2014 at 12 Noon SLT.

4. The top 2 looks will be invited to be a model for FASHION TELLER HOUSE. If invited, they must agree to the terms and regulations of being a Fashion Teller member:


If you are a photographer and would like to work for The Fashion Teller House, please send a notecard with an example of your work or a link to your blog/flickr to RicoRacer Flux.

Thank You and Good Luck.

Spring Awakening


Ice Kingdom Headshot Anna Sapphire


We are very excited to get started with our next book: THE ICE KINGDOM.

You have seen our spread on Style Kingdom magazine called “The ICE QUEENS”. The ICE KINGDOM is the continuation of the story in which the whole kingdom responsible for winter is in peril due to global warming. We are excited to have many top SL Designers as sponsors for the book as well as one of a kind poses made by Arisia Ashmoot. We had sent out a casting call at the Fashion Teller House and the models did not disappoint. We are honored to cast the following models and we look forward to working with you all.

Anna Sapphire
AnnaG Pfeffer
blackLiquid Tokyoska
Bastien Barboral
Carley Benazzi
Chevia Johansson
Gamp Lane
Giselle Chauveau
Honey Bender
Jamee Sandalwood
Kiana Lexenstar
Locuala Madruga
Tania Tebaldi
VeronicaLynn Parx
Xandra Sciavo
Yashi Audion

MODELS: Instructions will be given to you soon as well as the outfit you will be wearing.

Ice Kingdom Full Body Anna Sapphire


The Princess Swan - Headshot - Tyra Eiren

The FASHION TELLER HOUSE is honored to cast Tyra Eiren as The Swan Princess in our “Once Upon A Time” project. Once Upon a Time is a picture story art we do monthly by combining the popular Fairy Tales with Second Life High Fashion Couture. We thank all the models at FASHION TELLER HOUSE for casting. It was a very difficult decision as we received so many fantastic entries.

Our next Fairy Tale Coming in January is SNOW WHITE.

The Princess Swan - Full Body - Tyra Eiren




The Fashion Teller House had a secret casting at our sister publication at The Style Kingdom Magazine for models. This is our last casting of the year. First, we would like to thank everyone who casted. We were thrilled and amazed with all the creativity and imagination that went with each casting entry. We were planning to select only 1 or 2 to join us but it was so hard to pick just a couple.

The Fashion Teller Team are honored to invite the following models to the Fashion Teller House.

~Amita Yorcliffe
~AnnaG Pfeffer
~Bastien Berboral
~BlackLiquid Tokyoska
~Caesar Langer
~DiamondGem Destiny
~Gamp Lane
~Honey Bender
~Ivyana Zong
~Jamee Sandalwood
~Payton Heron
~Redtess69 Resident
~Tania Tebaldi
~Xandrah Sciavo

WELCOME and LOOKING FORWARD to work with each of you. Let’s make magic.

fashion teller contest full outfit_Caesar LangerFASHION TELLER CASTING - Body Tania TebaldiFashion Teller Casting - Jamee Sandalwood - Full BodyICE_WINTER GODDESS FULL BODY - DIAMONDGEM DESTINYredtess69 resident IceQueenFBIcequeen Honey BenderGamp full 11_13 Winter goddessice Queen- fullbody (AnnaG Pfeffer)


We sincerely THANK everyone who participated in the Fashion Teller Model Casting. The response has been amazing and the entries were really breathtaking. We applaud everyone who took the time to submit an entry and showed their talent and creativity. We had such a hard time picking our favorites. Thank you to the Fashion Teller staff and models who helped pick our new Fashion Teller Models. We had originally wanted to pick just two but due to the amazing amount of talent, we ended up picking 6 fresh faces.

Our CONGRATULATIONS goes to Tweeze Tyne, Spirit Llewellyn, Yashi Audion, BloodyMistress Serenity, Bodza Mubble and Locuala Madruga. Your imagination and ability to style are superb. <3



FT CASTING Tweeze Tyne


Spirit Llewellyn

Fashion Teller Casting Spirit Llewellyn FaceSpirit Llewellyn


Yashi Audion

FT Casting Yashi Audion FaceFT Casting Yashi Audion


BloodyMistress Serenity

FT Casting BloodyMistress Serenity 2FT Casting BloodyMistress Serenity


Bodza Mubble

FT Casting - Bodza Mubble


Locuala Madruga

FT CASTING Locuala Madruga FaceFT Casting Locuala Madruga

Welcome to The FASHION TELLER Family, ladies. We are very proud to have you. Please add RicoRacer Flux and Editorial Clarity as a friend inworld so we can send you an invite to the group.

Once again, our gratitude and appreciation to all who entered the contest. We really had a hard time picking our favorites due to all the amazing entries. Thank you and Have a great day.





POSES by PosESioN (Dahriel)

MODELS: Tosha Bergan, Angelik Lavecchia, Maddox Kaestner, Ewan Crumb
PHOTOGRAPHER: Enzo Champagne

Feel the rhythm of the city, feel the power of the street.
Hip hop blasting in the stereo while we BREAKDANCE to the beat.
Bodies arching, limbs twisting..let your soul feel the heat.

FT-BREAKDANCE ,1-2 Half-Tosha,Ewan,Maddox,Angelik

LET’s GRoOvE!!!


We are looking for a couple of fresh faces to join our model pool. This is our last and only casting for the year. Check here for more info:

FT-BREAKDANCE ,2-2 Half-Tosha,Ewan,Maddox,Angelik




The FASHION TELLER is looking for a couple of fresh faces (Male or Female) to join the family. Anyone can apply and doesn’t have to be an experienced model but He/She must be a master stylist capable of creating a look in any scenario. We totally depend on our models to creatively style and BE the character they are portraying in our books, so it is imperative that they are able to style in any fashion. We are looking for unique and creative people who would love to be part of the group for the sake of making fashion art stories. We are not an agency but a group of friends and family who are proud of the work we do to create something beautiful.

This will be our only casting for 2013 and we can only hire a couple of models as we try to limit our members so we can provide work for everyone. We will not be hiring or inviting anyone after this casting so this will be your only chance to be a part of the Fashion Teller.

This is our latest book.


1. Follow the styling challenge asked and take a picture (Professional or SnapShot) of the complete look. You must use more than 3 different designers to create your look. Please provide a style card under your flickr pic. Be creative, different and inventive. We want you to be imaginative so don’t be afraid to be dramatic and extraordinary. Think outside the box.

2. Title your picture “FT CASTING” in Flickr and post it on the Fashion Teller Flickr Site here: SEND a copy of your full permission picture inworld or by email to RicoRacer Flux ( May submit up to two pictures per person. The DEADLINE is April 13, 2013 at 1300 SLT. Please no MORPHS or RL pics.

3. The winners shall be announced on this blog and URWORLD inworld group. Copy and paste this URL in local chat inworld and click join: secondlife:///app/group/8dad7856-17cf-d7d3-b388-36ffa3d1245b/about .

4. If you are chosen, you will be invited to The Fashion Teller group as part of the team and eligible to cast for any of our events/projects. You will also be eligible to cast in any of our other projects outside the Fashion Teller.


The year is 3045 and the world has scarce resources left. Many fashionable people have resort to using materials and items outside the box. The futuristic Kingdom of STYLISTA is inviting its citizens to attend a grand ball looking for the most stylish to rule the land.

Please style a unique and extraordinary outfit that is VIBRANT, COLORFUL and that is made of a COMBINATION of UNUSUAL ITEMS.

*Please note that by submitting a picture, you are giving us the right to use it in our blog, book or magazine.

Thank you and Good Luck.

UPCOMING PROJECT: The Fashion Teller – The Magical Circus



A Magical Tale is about to unfold….

An old abandoned circus is coming to life bringing Love, Magic, Memories and Second Chances.


Fashion Teller Models Casting for “The Magical Circus” will open January.

 We will be have a PUBLIC CASTING for new Fashion Teller Models in December.

*** Let us tell you a story in style ***

The Fashion Teller – Femme Fatale CAST: Wicca Merlin as Morgane Le Fay


“MORGANE LE FAY” – Wicca Merlin

FASHION DESIGNER: The talented team behind NV Corsetry, Alexandra Nichols and Khurt Vhargon, have been making realistic and extremely detailed corsetry and outfits in Second Life. They created an outfit that is fierce and powerful for the Femme Fatale character, Morgane Le Fay.

We can’t wait to present all the fantastic outfits in Femme Fatale Story Book this weekend. We will have a fashion show as well in the next couple of weeks to present The Femme Fatale collection. All the designers really have outdone themselves in making new amazing outfits for the characters. Thank you designers.

MODEL: When we decided to cast for the Ultimate Sorceress and Enchantress, Morgane Le Fay, we could think of no other model who is fierce and just fits perfectly well with the persona than Wicca Merlin. She has the look and talent that is magical and enchanting. Wicca has been a standard pillar in SL Modeling World for 4 years and she is still at the top of her game. Her talents extend beyond modeling to photography and blogging among many things. We are proud to have her in Femme Fatale to play Morgane Le Fay: A dark and powerful sorceress that has a deadly combination of beauty and power. Wicca is joined by Todd Anton who will play Merlin, The Great Wizard.

Femme Fatale will be released this weekend.

Picture above done by Wicca Merlin

The Fashion Teller – Femme Fatale CAST: Applonia Criss as “MARIE LAVEAU”


“MARIE LAVEAU” – Applonia Criss

FASHION DESIGNER: Enzo Champagne of Champagne! Sparkling Couture draws you in the world of witchcraft and dark magic with an intricate and highly detailed creation that could only fit our next Femme Fatale…….The Queen of Voodoo, MARIE LAVEAU. The outfit is accentuated with superb textures and exotic feathers that makes it awe inspiring. The outfit above in the picture is not the actual outfit for Femme Fatale. You just have to wait and see.

We can’t wait to present all the new fantastic outfits in Femme Fatale Story Book and Runway Show this End of Summer 2012. All the designers really have outdone themselves in making new amazing outfits for the characters. It is worth waiting for, I promise.

MODEL: Applonia Criss commands attention with her unique look and amazing styling. She has an air of mystery and silent power about her that is intriguing and appealing, yet she is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Applonia is the amazing designer behind the brand, CHANTKARE which has been dressing women in chic style and glamour for years. She is absolutely perfect to play The Queen of Voodoo, Marie Laveau. The Witchcraft Queen can possess your soul, make you do anything she wanted and kill you with her dark spells and blood drenched rituals. Thank you for being part of Femme Fatale, Applo.

STAY TUNED as we reveal more Amazing Femme Fatale Cast and Crew.

Picture above done by Applonia Criss

The Fashion Teller – Femme Fatale CAST: Anna Sapphire as “MEDUSA”


“MEDUSA” – Anna Sapphire

FASHION DESIGNER:  Ooops, He did it again! The truly talented and amazing Enzo Champagne of Champagne! Sparkling Couture has created a breathtaking design for the Ultimate Femme Fatale: MEDUSA. Oh YES! He truly captured the very essence of Medusa and we can’t wait to show it to you very very soon.

We can’t wait to present all the new fantastic outfits in Femme Fatale Story Book and Runway Show this End of Summer 2012. All the designers really have outdone themselves in making new amazing outfits for the characters. It is worth waiting for, I promise.

MODEL: MEDUSA….the Ultimate Femme Fatale. This deadly beauty will enthrall and excite you then preserve you in stone for all eternity…..WITH JUST ONE LOOK. The model who will play this dangerous beauty needs no introduction. 2012 is her year and she is shining brightly like no other. She is beautiful inside and out. She has a unique look and style but the most beautiful thing about this person is her kindness and giving nature. She had successfully and single-handedly raised thousands of dollars for two very important charities: The Ashraya Project and Hope for Emilia. We love you Anna Sapphire: Miss Virtual World 2012. We are very honored to have you in Femme Fatale. She is joined by Tyler Barineaux in the scene.

STAY TUNED as we reveal more Amazing Femme Fatale Cast and Crew.

MODEL: Anna Sapphire



“SIRENS” – LovelyMiwako7399 Menna

FASHION DESIGNER: Tatanka Kaligawa “Mea Culpa” enchants us with a totally outrageous and fantastic new look for SIRENS. He captured the very essence of these deadly and enticing creatures who lure men to their misfortune with their sweet melodies and voices. The “look” is beautiful yet dangerous with lots of amazing details. Mea Culpa is very well known for their breathtaking and stunningly outrageous designs. This outfit is perfect and fit to be called Mea Culpa. Just you wait. :) Thank you Tatanka.

We can’t wait to present all the new fantastic outfits in Femme Fatale Story Book and Runway Show this End of Summer 2012. All the designers really have outdone themselves in making new amazing outfits for the characters. It is worth waiting for, I promise.

MODEL: LovelyMiwako7399 Menna kicks off the first of the three beautiful SIRENS. Be prepared as she lures you with her edgy and fierce look as a SIREN, worthy to be called “FEMME FATALE”. LovelyMiwako is a multi talented woman who is a model, photographer, pose maker and designer. Her LovelyMi makeup designs are simply FABULOUS which I always wear to complete a look. We are happy to have you in Femme Fatale. <3

STAY TUNED as we reveal more Amazing Femme Fatale Cast and Crew.

MODEL: LovelyMiwako7399 Menna
PHOTOGRAPHER: Trinetty Skytower

The Fashion Teller – Femme Fatale CAST: Aphrodite Brianna as “DELILAH”


“DELILAH” – Aphrodite Brianna

FASHION DESIGNER:  Angiliak Crystal “PIPINS” presents a beautiful design fit for the woman who took down one of the strongest man on earth, Samson. The outfit is seductive and lovely which fits the character of Delilah and her wiles. PIPINS have had a busy year with their unique and outrageous designs that is purely imaginative and artistic. Aside from outfits, she also designs hair, makeup and accessories. The talented Angiliak has recently ventured into photography and her work is superb. Is there anything she can’t do?

We can’t wait to present all the new fantastic outfits in Femme Fatale Story Book and Runway Show this End of Summer 2012. All the designers really have outdone themselves in making new amazing outfits for the characters. It is worth waiting for, I promise.

MODEL: One look at Delilah and the strongest man on earth fell hard to his demise. She is beautiful and cunning…a woman who deserves the title “Femme Fatale”. Aphrodite Brianna steps in to the role of Delilah…someone just as beautiful, powerful and seductive. She was one of the fast rising stars last year and holds many achievements including MVW Miss Iceland 2012 and The Face of OGLAM. This very busy woman is the COO of PIPINS as well as the COO of Maniera Magazine. Aphrodite is joined by Apollo Call who will play the role of Samson. Welcome both to Femme Fatale. <3 <3

STAY TUNED as we reveal more Amazing Femme Fatale Cast and Crew.

MODEL: Aphrodite Brianna
PHOTOGRAPHER: LovelyMiwako7399 Menna



“MATA HARI” – Sora Tatham

FASHION DESIGNER: Bouquet Babii  “VERO MODERO” offers a STUNNING, brand new, never before seen outfit that is sexy yet classy for the Femme Fatale: Mata Hari. Vero Modero has been pleasing the crowd with their superb designs from casual and formal to couture. She did not disappoint with her creation for Mata Hari. The look is exotic and erotic…the perfect look for the beautiful yet deadly: MATA HARI.

We can’t wait to present all the new fantastic outfits in Femme Fatale Story Book and Runway Show this Summer 2012. All the designers really have outdone themselves in making new amazing outfits for the characters. It is worth waiting for, I promise.

MODEL: Mata Hari drew every man’s lustful admiration and every woman’s envy with her exotic looks and unparalleled beauty. Who else can play the role than Sora Tatham who can stun a crowded room with just a look with her dignified beauty and classy elegance. Sora soared in 2010 as Miss Virtual World 1st Runner Up. She is a supermodel, master stylist and a lady of many talents. She is CEO of the very elite Agata Models Agency, Gabriel Designer and Agapee Pose Maker. We are so happy to have her in “Femme Fatale”.

STAY TUNED as we reveal more Amazing Femme Fatale Cast and Crew.