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“GOLD DIGGER” Public Casting

gold digger


What makes you a world class Gold Digger?

Do you have the style and sophistication to attract only the best of the best…to be lavished in gold, diamonds and furs? Show us a GOLDEN style that can attract a million dollars and you could score a spot as a model for The Fashion Teller House/Rumors Magazine as well as your casting picture published in our inaugural issue. Male or Female models can apply. Fashion Teller Models may apply as well.


1. Style a couture outfit that is mostly “GOLD”. The theme of the styling is “GOLD DIGGERS” which mean high class and sophistication where only the best will do. We want a look that can attract a million dollars and turn heads.

2. Provide a high quality picture of your styling that is worthy to be published in a magazine. The winning picture/s will be published in the inaugural issue of Rumors Magazine. Size of the pic must be 1024×1024. Keep it stylish, sophisticated and tasteful.

3. Send the picture and style card, that includes details on your outfit, photographer and model information, in a full perm note card to RicoRacer Flux and XiuLan Quan by no later than 12 noon SLT, July 12, 2014. Title the notecard: Gold Digger Casting (Your Name).

4. Provide a CAPTION for your picture such as “I don’t get into bed for less than a million dollars” “Only the best will do for me” “I am worth every inch in Gold” “Girls just wanna have funds” etc…

Or you can answer the question: What makes you a world class Gold Digger? Answer must be short and sweet.

5. By entering the contest and sending your picture, you give us the right to publish your picture in our magazine and blogs/social networks. All entries will be published at our Facebook page so feel free to like Rumors Magazine Page:

The winner/s will be notified when Rumors Magazine is published.


RicoRacer Flux
Project Manager: XiuLan Quan

FTH Upcoming Project: HEAVEN & EARTH



The fault is in the stars…

The Fashion Teller House is working on an ancient Japanese theme epic love story about a love that was meant for greatness but can never be. We are incorporating Geishas and Samurais into fantastic fantasy characters with mind blowing new designs from amazing Second Life designers which some are already on board.

-coming soon-

I’m excited about this project. It’s been on my mind for a couple of years and I want to make it happen soon. Make sure you follow our blog to get updated on all our projects and new releases. Thank you. <3

LTD – The Magazine

ltd_veryfinalcoverLOVE TO DECORATE – The Magazine


Your New Decor Inspiration Is Here!

Step into a fresh unique way to feature Home and Life Decor like you’ve never seen. We want to give you realistic concepts and ideas to inspire your decorating needs.

We aim to be your NUMBER 1 Guide and Resource in all your Home & Garden Decor.

- Step into the colourful world of ARIA
– Visit ROOST HOMES: The New Kids On The Block
– Check out one designer giving a new meaning to the word ”JUNK”
– We feature the ULTIMATE FAMILY HOME, LOW PRIM BATHROOM DESIGNS to inspire you to create that special space and so much more!
Happy Reading and remember, LOVE to DECORATE!

Avi Choice Awards: Thank You


The FASHION TELLER HOUSE would like to thank everyone for their support and love. It is nice to be nominated for the Avi Choice Awards among the giants of SL newspaper, magazines and periodicals. We are just a very small art projects/books and this is reward enough to be recognize. Thank you also to our staff, models and photographers for all the hard work. Thank you again. <3




The FASHION TELLER is looking for a couple of fresh faces (Male or Female) to join the family. Anyone can apply and doesn’t have to be an experienced model but He/She must be a master stylist capable of creating a look in any scenario. We totally depend on our models to creatively style and BE the character they are portraying in our books, so it is imperative that they are able to style in any fashion. We are looking for unique and creative people who would love to be part of the group for the sake of making fashion art stories. We are not an agency but a group of friends and family who are proud of the work we do to create something beautiful.

This will be our only casting for 2013 and we can only hire a couple of models as we try to limit our members so we can provide work for everyone. We will not be hiring or inviting anyone after this casting so this will be your only chance to be a part of the Fashion Teller.

This is our latest book.


1. Follow the styling challenge asked and take a picture (Professional or SnapShot) of the complete look. You must use more than 3 different designers to create your look. Please provide a style card under your flickr pic. Be creative, different and inventive. We want you to be imaginative so don’t be afraid to be dramatic and extraordinary. Think outside the box.

2. Title your picture “FT CASTING” in Flickr and post it on the Fashion Teller Flickr Site here: SEND a copy of your full permission picture inworld or by email to RicoRacer Flux ( May submit up to two pictures per person. The DEADLINE is April 13, 2013 at 1300 SLT. Please no MORPHS or RL pics.

3. The winners shall be announced on this blog and URWORLD inworld group. Copy and paste this URL in local chat inworld and click join: secondlife:///app/group/8dad7856-17cf-d7d3-b388-36ffa3d1245b/about .

4. If you are chosen, you will be invited to The Fashion Teller group as part of the team and eligible to cast for any of our events/projects. You will also be eligible to cast in any of our other projects outside the Fashion Teller.


The year is 3045 and the world has scarce resources left. Many fashionable people have resort to using materials and items outside the box. The futuristic Kingdom of STYLISTA is inviting its citizens to attend a grand ball looking for the most stylish to rule the land.

Please style a unique and extraordinary outfit that is VIBRANT, COLORFUL and that is made of a COMBINATION of UNUSUAL ITEMS.

*Please note that by submitting a picture, you are giving us the right to use it in our blog, book or magazine.

Thank you and Good Luck.






Get ready to put your dancing shoes on!!! We are ready to release our next book that will make you bump and grind as we present the many facets and styles of dancing. Six of Second Life’s TOP POSEMAKERS have created amazing poses that brought each dance to life. Enzo Champagne’s art are just magnificent….just wait and see. :)

Are you ready to Tango or is your dance style more of a Burlesque or Jazz? Whatever moves you, we guarantee to rock you.



PS: We will be having a public casting soon to search for fresh new faces to join The Fashion Teller Family.

UPCOMING PROJECT: The Fashion Teller – The Magical Circus



A Magical Tale is about to unfold….

An old abandoned circus is coming to life bringing Love, Magic, Memories and Second Chances.


Fashion Teller Models Casting for “The Magical Circus” will open January.

 We will be have a PUBLIC CASTING for new Fashion Teller Models in December.

*** Let us tell you a story in style ***