It’s not just about style. Knitwear is growing in popularity again because of a number of other reasons. Every fabric type has its pros and cons, and knits definitely has its fair share of cons. For instance, it can shrink or stretch out, especially after several washes. However, nowadays, knitwear comes in great new blends that can handle it all. Some of the best options of knit fabric have soft textures with blends of wool, acrylic, and mohair, a flexible and versatile combination. Here are some other advantages to getting more of this kind of material in your closet.

Once Casual, Now All Purpose

Back in the day, knitted clothes used to be limited to a few casual styles of jumpers and scarves but not anymore. Now, especially with these new blends, you can find some of the most elegant wraps, vests, and dresses to suit every occasion. Moda Italy clothing stores online, for instance, specialize in everything knitwear, and you can literally get an entire wardrobe of it all in one place. The right choice of shawl or fringed wrap can make you go from homebody to fashionista in seconds.

The All-Season Trend

That’s right, knitwear is not just for keeping warm in the winter time. You can now get light and breathable knitted fabrics for summer outfits. With the hippie look now back in style, this is great news for modern day bohemians. Knitted ponchos and boleros are excellent accessories to any outfit in any season. What more could you want!

Fit for Different Body Types

In the past, this kind of fabric was not advised for more voluptuous ladies. Well, the fashion police siren won’t be going off again anytime soon. New knitted tops have the right amount of stretch to comfortably cover up your bosom without gaping or looking odd. The blends that garment manufacturers now use most commonly are flexible and strong at the same time. So you can easily get outfits tailored to accentuate the best features of your body.

Easy Care and Plenty of Comfort

Forget stretch and flexibility. One of the biggest issues that people had with knitted garments not long ago was that you couldn’t wash them easily without ruining them. They shrink, lose elasticity, and fade. Well, this too is a thing of the past. You’d be hard pressed to find a high-quality jumper or knitted dress that can’t take a gentle cycle now! The trick is to make sure that you pick the right blend of fabric and to use the right kind of machine settings. Many people shy away from knitwear for everyday use because they think it’s too much of a hassle to care for the material. Just check the label. Most sweaters and other knit clothes will do just fine if you put them in a cold water delicate or slow cycle. Run the shortest cycle and you won’t have to worry about ruining your favourite zip jumper ever again.

Needless to say, this kind of material is also making fashion waves in every seasonal trend now. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Emma Roberts, and models like Jaime King and Kendall Jenner are fans as well. They have been spotted sporting crochet dresses and fringe wraps on a near daily basis. Knitwear is definitely the way to go now, so get shopping for the latest outfits!