Men should never let their style stagnate.

Why not?

While switching your style up every few months may seem like a hassle, consider how the same-old, ordinary look may reflect on your personality. For example:

  • Fear of change can quickly lead to doubt in other aspects of your life: are you afraid to take risks, or are you perhaps stuck in your ways?
  • Others may see you as boring or predictable if you’ve been stuck in a rut style-wise
  • Experimentation is healthy: after all, you may never know what works best for you until you give it a shot

Regardless, many men make the rookie mistake of trying to transform their style in one fell swoop versus small, incremental steps. Before you decide to splash cash at the department store or head over to the barber, consider the following mistakes that fashion newbies tend to make.

Investing in Poor Products

Poor products can make or break your attempt to transform yourself. Think about it: your personal appearance represents an investment in your well-being, so why wouldn’t you want the best of the best? Of course, price quickly becomes an issue when it comes to grooming, but what if there was a healthy middle ground?

Thankfully, there is.

Keep the following in mind when it comes to choosing any grooming product:

  • Protect your skin: strive to find the best electric shaver out there that won’t irritate your skin or break the bank
  • Save your hair: losing hair is normal as we age, but high-quality shampoos, conditioners and styling products with fewer chemicals can help slow the process
  • Ditch the drug-store: specialty stores and online shopping are ideal versus drug-store brands that may be staples of your current styling options

High-quality products don’t always equate to a huge price tag: read ratings and reviews carefully and use your best judgment.

Lack of Patience

Just because want to transform your wardrobe or appearance overnight doesn’t mean that you should. Think about it: it may take months for your to properly grow out your hair or see the results of exercise and diet for better fits on your clothes, right?

Rome wasn’t build in a day, which signals exactly why you should start now instead of later. Shift your mentality and think of switching up your style as an on-going process versus a one-and-done affair.

Lack of Inspiration

Men who struggle with their style often have trouble finding a balance between copycatting a look that doesn’t work for them or simply going rogue when it comes to their appearance. Instead, you should strive to draw inspiration from existing men’s fashion whilst also injecting your own personality into your look. For example, consider the following as means of finding inspiration:

  • Famous YouTubers who provide style tutorials for absolute newbies when it comes to grooming and fashion (a simple search query can take you far)
  • Take a look at your favorite celebrities: for example, many stores and stylists can help you emulate your favorite actors or rock stars on a budget if you provide a picture of what you’re looking for
  • Inspiration feeds on Pinterest or Facebook, providing style snapshots and links to the products shown

If you’re looking to switch up your style, you need to first understand the products you need to achieve the look that you want. Instead of treating the ordeal as a headache, see it as an ongoing opportunity to keep yourself looking and feeling fresh as you take your let your personality shine through your outward appearance.