There are fashion items women need, and then there are the fashion items working women need. Professional women know the importance (and hassle) of finding the right fashion items to look great in both business and casual settings. So, if you are a working woman over the age of 30, here is a list of fashion items you must have in your possession:

Simple Black Blazer

For such a simple item, the black blazer packs so much power. It is suitable for both formal and semi-formal occasions. You can wear a black blazer to work and later hit the bar with your friends without looking overtly out of place. The black blazer is easy to pair with any colour of pants, skirt, top, or shoe. You can wear a black blazer with jeans to a business meeting without looking horrible. So, this is that one item all working women must have in their wardrobes.

Sushi Roll Handbags

When you look for leather handbags online, don’t settle for your run-of-the-mill bag with a predictable design and a boring colour scheme. Be bold and look unique during any season with a leather sushi roll handbag. Yes, they look peculiarly round, that therein lies their appeal. Sushi roll handbags are comfortable to carry, have more space than regular handbags, and pair well with both formal and casual outfits. You can carry a sushi roll handbag to an office dinner or a friend’s baby shower after work.

Wallet Case for Smartphone or Tablet

No working woman exists today without her trusty smartphone or tablet. Most people encase their handheld devices in a case for extra protection as well as style. For your device, don’t choose just any cheap case. Pick a nice wallet case that will help you carry cash, credit cards, and other items with your handheld device. Working women understand the importance of preserving space in their handbags. Wallet phone and tablet cases are also more stylish than regular protective cases.

Anything in Leopard Print

Every woman must have at least one piece of clothing or accessory in leopard print. The advantage is that you can easily wear a leopard print scarf or pair of flats to a number of business and casual occasions. Leopard print will make you stand out in a crowd as a fashionista. So, don’t ignore this time-honoured style.

A Pair of Dark Red Flats

Almost all professional women pack a pair of flats when they wear heels. You never know when you will need them, so it’s better to always have a pair in the handbag. If you choose to keep a pair of flats handy, choose a dark red colour. The reason is simple. Red pairs well with a number of outfits. Whether you are wearing jeans or a dark-toned business suit, you can wear red flats without looking like someone without any sense of style.

A Leather Clutch

You may not believe in clutches, but you must have at least one in your closet. As a professional woman, you will have to attend several formal events each year. Some dresses don’t pair well with handbags and require clutches. Leather clutches are easy to carry and complement many types of formal dresses. So, order one online today.

The above fashion items will not only make you look hip, they will also make your life so much easier.