Are you fashion conscious and keep tabs on the latest trends and new designs? Great! Well this article tells you about the must have essentials to have in your wardrobe so you are always well put together.

In order to have a complete wardrobe there are some pieces that must be in every women’s closet. By mixing and matching this staples with the other pieces in your wardrobe, you will be sure to command the attention of everyone around you and look good whilst doing it. Every fashionista must have a few t-shirts, a blazer, slip-ons, jeans and even a few sandals online Australia

A white- t-shirt: T-shirt suppliers around the world, rejoice as you will be having an increase in sales after people have read this article. Jokes aside. A white t-shirt is an important and versatile piece. It can be worn with a pair of denim jeans and a casual jacket for a weekend look or smartened up with a blazer and black pants for a more formal look. Have a few different versions of the humble white t-shirt to create fun and exciting looks.

Flats/ sandals: Great for both tall and short women. Although heels exclude sexiness, it is not practical to walk everywhere on heels. This is the perfect time to swap your pointy shoes for comfortable pair of flats. Your feet will thank you and you will be sure to enjoy yourself rather than stand uncomfortably in the 5 inch stilettoes. Flats are another versatile item that can be paired with anything from a dress or pants or skirt. You could find flats to suit any occasion. Flats come in various styles like closed toes, open toed sandals or ballet flats.

A blazer: A blazer is a great option for a working woman. Even if you are not the 9-5 type, this is still an excellent piece of clothing to invest in. Grab a few in a different shades to pair with your t-shirt or pants or even a dress or skirt. A blazer is the perfect outwear for it’s slightly chilly but not cold enough for a heavy coat. It smartens up a casual look quickly without much effort. You could go from a work meeting to a cocktail event later without looking out of the place.

Slip on- Slip on sneakers are another comfortable and stylish footwear option for the casual, confident woman. If you are the type to take risks in fashion then pair a slip on with a dress for an edgy yet stylish look. Slip ons are great with a comfortable pair of jeans and your favourite t-shirt. Grab a few in different shades and prints to add a bit of drama to an otherwise boring look.

Black pants: Black is a universally loved colour so a piece of clothing in the colour will be sure to become a favourite. Black pants are extremely versatile and depending on the style and fabric can be paired with different tops for a completely different look each time. Choose a fashion style that will accentuate your best features. A slim leg if you are tall and leggy, a high waist if you are bit lighter on the bottom etc.