Eva Longoria is one of the most beautiful and actresses Hollywood has ever seen. She is known for playing the role of Gabrielle Solis it the hit show “Desperate housewives” and she is a true inspiration for women all across the world. She is also a model and has appeared in several internationally aired commercials, men’s and women’s magazines. She has been in the spotlight for many years now and she is definitely a star worth analyzing. In over a decade of TV appearances she managed to always shine and never disappoint. She has always been dressed according to trends and her hairstyles never got out of style. She adapted every year and she looked better and better each time she made an appearance.

Let us start with her earlier hairstyles. As most of you know, she loves long hair and she maintained the same hair-length throughout all “Desperate Housewives” seasons. Don’t be fooled by the fact that her hairstyle never changed drastically. Each year she had a different cut that was in tune with international trends and which helped her become the start that she is today.

During 2008 and 2009 she decided to go shorter and got a stylish, head-hugging bob that perfectly highlighted her stunning features. According to articles back then she used hair product to gain volume and a blow-dryer to make it keep its shape.

Since then she grew her hair and styled it in the best way possible.

There are a few Eva Longoria hairstyles that stood out from the crowed. Here is a list of her best appearances and how to make your hair look just as good.Chic French Twist

Eva looked amazing for one of her red carpet appearances. In order to get the same effect you should use a tight tooth comb to stroke the hair back. Gather the top part and create volume. Form an off-center section and brush it to the side. Twist the ends vertically towards the back of your head and secure that area with some bobby pins. Do so until you manage to pin all your hair.

Twisted Top knot

Eva was sexier than ever and made a dramatic appearance sometime in 2011. Her hairstyle was hot and she looked stunning. To get the same effect start off by smoothening and drying your hair. Leave your bangs in front and pull your hair back. Roll the ends vertically up against the back of your head. Use some pins to keep things in place. Use hairspray to give shape to your bangs

Natural looks

Again start with dry, smooth hair and separate a site-part from your bangs. Smoothen out the rest of your hair and pull it back. Twist it into a bun right above your neck. Use hairspray to give some volume and maintain the hairstyle throughout the night.

These are just a few of the hairstyles Eva Longoria has chosen across the years. Browse through pictures and articles and find out more about how she finds her inspiration and learn as much as you can from her as far as hairstyling goes.