There must be a time when you want to be informal right? May be  after come back from work and you want to spend your evening with girlfriend at restaurant. Or you need to go shopping with your close friend on Sunday morning.

In occasions like these you don’t need to dress like a CEO or some serious businessman. But Men casual fashion doesn’t mean dressing like a slob either. You can look good , professional and feel comfortable at the same time. Remember that if you can dress properly even in a casual outfit in many unexpected ways.

So here are some ideas about men casual fashion you can use everyday.

1. Pay attention to the size of your cloth. Too big and too small can be  a disaster. Many men tend to wear too big clothes that don’t fit their bodies . ( I wonder if they know how funny it looks. )

2. Simple is the key. You don’t need to wear more than three pieces of accessories. If you want to be stylish or flashy. Some nice looking watch can be your best friend here. Or a  simple accessory such as necklace can do the job .

3. Have some fun! Men casual fashion doesn’t need to be boring!. Try to be creative.

For example, instead of wearing plain shirt . How about some cool short sleeve  collared shirts or military-inspired shirt which make you look stylish and not too feminine at the same time.

4. Don’t forget to check the matching of all your pieces. This is very important. If you wear a rugged T-shirt , don’t pair it with a silk suit pant. ( It is ridiculous )

5. Bring friends with you whenever you go shopping! Some salesperson can give you solid advice but some only cheer their stuffs only to get commission. So why don’t you bring some friends with you? They can give comments and honest opinions.