Straight is boring, curls are fun. Makes no difference whether your hair is long or short, it can always be curled. Long curls, short curls, curls at the nape, curls at the side, primed hair there are so many ways of wearing curls. You just need to experiment what suits your face cut best.

Cute Curly hairstyles have never been out of data and since time immemorial women have been priming and curling their hair to look beautiful. All because curling your hair is the easiest way of getting a new look.  It is perfect for that all important dinner date and school prom. You can easily add accessories to your curly mane.

And it is so easy as well; all you need is a curling iron. For a permanent curl a saloon visit is essential.  However maintaining a curl is certainly difficult, as these have the tendency to uncurl or look wayward. So ensure that you use plenty of serums that maintain the curly look throughout the day. A few cute curly hairstyles that set hearts aflutter. Side Swept Curls are ideal for completing a girly outfit:  For those with bobbed hair, side swept curls add on to the mischief. This cute curly hairstyle creates a face flattering fringe and is perfect for those with heart shaped faces and bobbed hair.Stretch curls for that oh so romantic look: this tried and tested look is best for a dinner date. For those who have longer tresses, this look is ideal. All you require is a paddle brush to stretch out the curls and an accessory to add on to the glamour. A natural flower works fine in most cases.

Chignon Style curls: Taylor Swift adheres to this extremely cute hair style. And it is easy to make as well. Pull up your hair in a chignon, and created a curl or a fringe at the side.  This is a complete look and complements any kind of outfit.Pile up your curls: Pile up your curls on top. This highlights the contours of your face while the mass of curls adds to the glamour quotient. Invariably elegant, this hairstyle is perfect launch pad for heralding a stylish you.Pony-tail curls: for those born with curly hair, letting it loose every time can be a major headache. Certainly it does add volume, but it extremely unruly and interferes with day to day work. A simple pony is what you can do to it. Pony tail curls are an interesting option for those who prefer a fuss free hairstyle for party as well as work. This is easy and convenient. It gives the image of an attractive and yet extremely confident woman of the world.Bangs and curls: some girls are born lucky and have hair that curls naturally. If you are one of those few lucky few born with cute curly hair, avoid bangs at all costs. Bangs and curls do not go together. In case bangs are unavoidable make sure that it is sparse near the forehead.