The Europeans utilize this accessory to its ultimate prime; however in Vancouver, it seems it is often ignored.  The scarf is the ultimate luxury accessory when individualising your own style.  It provides endless possibilities, making it not only practical but versatile as well. Many designers for fall ’08 are also showing them tied and bowed in countless ways bringing them up to date in modern trend.

Options are endless when using your scarf to accessorize your outfit. Simply tying one to the strap of your handbag can make it look your very own.  It is also vogue to tie a scarf chicly around your neck:  whether loosely wrapped around, or knotted firmly in place.  Celebrities also like accessorizing with their designer scarves.  Grace Kelly infamously used one as a sling for her injured arm.

Some of the most prestigious fashion houses in Europe for fall ‘08 are putting the scarf to good use.  In Milan at Dolce & Gabanna model after model was styled with this dapper accessory.  They were tied to bags, wrapped around necks, and even used to bundle up hair.  Not just a trend for the ladies, scarves were also prominent for the smart looking man. Famous for their silk scarves, Hermes was showing them at their men’s show.  Intricately tied around the neck, or neatly styled to be slipped into a dress shirt- using a scarf truly added a sense of Parisian style.  This elegant runway look can be started now in the summer with lighter cotton scarves, and be transcended into fall with larger and heavier silk ones.Fashion Point offers numerous scarves that can be used to enhance your personal style.  A Ferragamo scarf made entirely with silk, on its own is a piece of art.  Whether sensually tied around the neck or grasping your prized handbag’s handles, it is a coveted piece that you will come to cherish years from now.  Fendi has also made smaller cotton scarves in bountiful patterns.  Stamped in the iconic double F “zucca’ logo or in pretty shades of pink these scarves are great for interchange in and out of your wardrobe.

When using your scarf don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative.  A scarf can add a pop of colour, interesting textures, or create a brand new look to the same outfit.  The options are endless, but regardless how you decided to style yourself creating a chic and fashionable look is not hard.  After you fall in love with your first scarf, there is no doubt it won’t be the last.